About Ye Olde World

  • Did you knew that there is a world outside of our actual world where the medieval world is still in order and real. Some call it the “Forgotten MedeLand”. Trained castle dwellers, archers, heavy defenders, manufacturers, builders and many more. They enable a functional society with industry and citizens. But an evil one…
  • But – not only the old ways of society and tools but there is more in this world – ghostly items, devilish mechanics, powerful magicians, evil telltalers and some other dispitful people – which only want to harm others and spread in this world to grow their might.
  • You have your catapult. You are against these evil hordes.
  • Destroy their sieges, their castles, their palasts with a diversity of projectiles. But – be aware – time is against you and the evil is gathering to power against you!
The mighty magma shot from the vulcanoe "Medenir"
Evil grandmaster - named "Indeyki" - montgolfieres army is attacking.

Who created this game?

‘Ye Olde World’ is powered by devpoint – the agile company. You can be sure – we will provide a solution for your software projects.

  • From mobile apps to web applications – from replacement up to innovation.
  • From productivity solutions up to 3D games.

You will experience 30+ years of experience and a powerful development center in Hungary and Switzerland

Games History

Extensive experience out of 90
games published already.
Browserbased games for
big player companies.

Our base

Founded: 2008
Origin: Zug
Projects: >240


Software development / engineering
DevOps, SysOps
Mobile Apps


Postal address:
devpoint GmbH
Baarerstrasse 78
6300 Zug

+41 41 727 80 00

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Contact us and we will reply as soon as possible – mostly we take 2 working days. Or less. In the message you can also send us your thoughts or ideas or input what we can do for you.

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What YOW is standing for?

A very good question. Let’s find out together.

Na – ok. It is the first one. YOW is standing for ‘Ye Olde World’ and it is a game with a special new engine for physics simulation of breakdown buildings. We implemented it into a mobile Game for iOS and also for MacOS first. It runs smoothly with iPhone12 and more as well as best on a M1 processor – others will work too but not so smooth perhaps.

We have now everything together for the first Beta trial to which you can apply now. See below the form.